Tom Blackwell, drums, vocals

10929165_1539520282967323_8077537157578917509_nTom Blackwell started playing and singing along with the British Invasion of the early 60’s, being especially keen on the Beatles and the Dave Clark Five, who was his inspiration to play drums. He learned to play on a pre-war Ludwig drum set in the basement of his family home, driving everyone else crazy.

He played his first professional gig in 1968 as a guitarist but soon found out that playing drums was a lot more fun. Since then he has played across the country with such luminaries as Peter Gallway and the Great Northern Revue, The Drapes, Andrea Re and Clouds, Rick Charette and the Bubble Gum Band, Vito and the Groovekings, Bob Jr, Jenny Woodman, and a host of other bands over the years.

In 1980 he took a vacation from touring and opened a recording studio in Portland, ME called Studio 3, which kept him busy until 1993, when he moved to Austin, TX to continue his playing career. Eventually he returned to Maine to raise a family where he continues to play in a variety of bands covering all styles of music, from wedding and corporate event functions to good old Rock and Roll. He lives in South Portland, ME and rides his bicycle all over town.


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