Ken Lloyd, bass, vocals

ken_lloyd_cKen Lloyd plays bass in many styles and thrives on musical variety.  He started on brass horns in eighth grade concert band, grew to folkie guitar singer songwriter, to keyboards in Maryland then gigs in Nashville with regional R&B star Clifford Currie, though most of his gigging days have been on bass in working R&B/pop and jazz bands in Boston and Maine.

He plays bass with the Portland-based propulsive R&B/funk band CuppaGroove, played five years with the instrumental MaineStream Jazzmasters.   In Maine Ken played the function band circuit with Gil Donatelli Band where musical versatility was key to their enduring success. He has been in and recorded with the Sally Davis Trio, played with Victory Swing, Saco River Jazz Ensemble, Coast Jazz, and works as a sub for several bands including Delta Knights, Ronda Dale and Rob Babson, and Port City Jazz.  He founded and directed the Contemporary Christian vocal group Radiance.   He has accompanied the Greater Freeport Community Chorus and the Westcustago Youth Chorale. He plays electric, fretless and upright basses.  He continues to occasionally author and copyright songs.

For fun Ken kayaks, studies Italian, renovates/repairs basses, and enjoys art, movies and live music.  He studied music at The University of Maryland before completing a computer and automation program at The University of Southern Maine, then  later earned a master’s in organizational management.  Ken is a reformed IT manager happily working full-time as a musician.
Tazza di ritmo.  Divertirsi con noi.

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