Andrea Re, vocals & percussion

Andrea Andrea_ReRe is a multi-faceted Mainer whose diverse life experiences and influences color her musical expression. She is a self-taught singer, hand percussionist, vocal arranger, keyboard player, lyric writer and song writer who finds herself now exploring guitar and bass. She began performing in the late seventies with the New England Blues Prophets and the Peter Galway Review before forming her own band, Andrea Re and Clouds.

After Clouds escaped a long Maine winter by performing in the US Caribbean, Andrea relocated to the US Virgin Islands and lived on St. John and St. Thomas throughout the eighties. She performed regularly with a wealth of local musicians as well as visiting musicians such as Jon Lucien, Norman Connors, Gary Bartz and Donovan.

In 1990, Re moved to Manhattan where she toured nationally and internationally with Jackson Brown, Delmar Brown and Garland Jeffreys. She also played the New York club scene with a wide assortment of musicians from jazz, Afro-Cuban, Zydeco, funk and folk.

Returning to Maine in the late nineties, Andrea did studio work with James Cotton, Joe Lewis Walker, T-Bone Wolk, G. E. Smith, Kenny Neal and C. J. Chenier. She also performed and recorded her original material, as well as material of local musicians such as John Etnier, the Big Chief Band, John Stuart, Teg Glendon, the Jenny Woodman Band, the Tone Kings, and Bob Rosero to name a few. The Pink Album, produced to benefit the Maine Breast Cancer Coalition, included Re’s original song “Sweet Summer Sun” on which she performed and recorded all but the lead guitar track. She continues to work on originals while performing with local musicians.

Andrea is also an accomplished stained glass artisan.


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